Building, planning & business

Land Searches
Building services

Information about building applications, certification and inspections, driveways, easements, fences, swimming pools and spas, building plans and more. More

Business regulations

Council regulates many business activities including food and dining, accommodation, personal services, advertising, commercial filming and busking. More

Lagoon and CBD
Business and economic development

Live. Visit. Do business. Cairns and the Tropical Far North provides plenty of advantages for local, national and international businesses and investors. More

Overhead sketch
Development applications online

Development Applications can be lodged online through Council's DA Online self-service. You can lodge and pay for Development Applications at any time; DA Online is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. More


The development engineering section is primarily concerned with processing applications for development approvals for civil works and earthworks both on private property and public lands. More

Property & Land Information
Land record search

There are a number of searches available to prospective land and property owners, including the land record search. More

Development Assessment
Planning & development

This information will help you to understand the development application process and learn how to prepare a development application, or where and how to lodge it. More

Planning schemes
Planning Schemes

The consolidated CairnsPlan for the City of Cairns commenced in March 2009. Council is now developing a new draft Cairns Region Planning Scheme. More

Strategic Land Use
Strategic land use planning

Strategic Planning puts in place long term strategies and plans to ensure Cairns retains its enviable lifestyle and unique character, while also allowing for continued growth and development. More

Last updated: 25 March 2015