Visit Council's meeting webcast site for live streaming on meeting days, archived webcasts and important information about this service.

Ordinary meetings

Ordinary meetings are held on fourth Wednesdays of each month (unless an alternative date has been advertised) and are chaired by the Mayor.

Committee meetings

Council operates four Committees and Committee meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (unless an alternative date has been advertised). Meeting dates, agendas and minutes are available on each Committee's page. Meetings will commence at 9am and will be held in the following order.

Meetings open to public

Meetings are open to the public unless a Closed session is declared.

Note: Due to restrictions to comply with social distancing measures for COVID-19, Council meetings are open to the public with limited numbers allowed in the Chambers. Meetings will be live streamed on Council’s website.

The Table of Contents will be published on Council's website on the Friday afternoon before the next meeting. All reports to be considered at the meeting shall be published in full on Monday afternoon prior to the meeting.

Reports listed to be considered in the Closed session of the meeting are not released to the public.

Webcast meetings

From October 2019, Council Ordinary meetings, Special Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings held in the Council Chambers will be live streamed and recorded while the meeting is in progress. The live stream will cease during confidential items of business (closed sessions) and when the meeting ends. Meetings which are held off-site will not be streamed or recorded.

Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to meetings in real time without the need to physically attend, giving you greater access to Council decision-making and debate. You can also view video of previously-recorded meetings.

Delegated decisions

Section 175E(6) of the Local Government Act 2009 request that, where a majority of Councillors inform the meeting they have personal interests in a particular matter, the matter must be delegated for decision under section 257 of the Act (unless deciding the matter cannot be delegated under that section).

Council has published a register of decisions delegated in accordance with Section 175E(6) since 21 May 2018.


Note: Due to restrictions to comply with social distancing measures for Covid-19, deputations are temporarily unavailable (effective April 2020). ">

Council invites submissions from groups or individuals wishing to make a formal deputation to Council.  Note: deputations are a public process and as such, the identity of persons making a deputation to Council will be on the public record.

Deputations may be held on the second or fourth Wednesday of the month following an Ordinary Meeting of Council. Deputations are restricted to 15 minutes and will be held between 10am and 11.30am at Council’s Administration Building, 119-145 Spence Street, Cairns.

Special meetings

Special meetings may be held at different times. In accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act, two days written notice must be given to all Councillors of the date, time and object of the meeting.  All Councillors are required to attend special meetings.

Meeting archive

The archive contains agendas and minutes for Cairns Regional Council's Ordinary, Committee and Special meetings from 2008.

Advisory Committees

A number of Advisory Committees operate to provide advice and recommendations to Council.

Standing Committees

At the post-election meeting of 16 April 2020, Council dissolved Standing Committees A, B, C and D and the Cairns Shipping Development Project Standing Committee.  Meeting records are available in the archive.

Last updated: 09 December 2020