Business regulations

Accommodation venues

Caravan parks, camping grounds, backpacker accommodation and shared facility accommodation venues require a Council permit. Details of how to apply, renew or update a permit. More

Activities on Council land

Businesses, community groups and individuals are encouraged to use Council's parks, foreshores and open spaces for events. But you may need a permit first. More

Advertising signs

Councils approach to advertising signage balances the needs of businesses with community expectations on public amenity and safety. More


Busking contributes to the vibrancy of the City while providing opportunities for local and visiting artists. Busking is only allowed in the Cairns CBD (no other area of the City) and requires a permit. More


Information for businesses, groups and individuals wishing to stage an event on Council owned land. More


All the information, forms and applications needed to apply for, renew or update a permit to operate a food business or activity. More

Personal appearance services

Businesses such as tattooing, body piercing, hairdressing and beauty therapy are considered higher risk services and require permits. Other personal appearance services require operators to follow infection control guidelines. More

Use of footpaths

Information on use of Council footpaths, such as requirements for outdoor dining, signage and items for sale. More

Last updated: 05 November 2015