Anticipated procurement

Listed below are Council contracts for which major procurement activity is scheduled to occur during the next 6-12 months (Oct 2018 to Dec 2019).

This list of potential procurement activities below is updated quarterly and subject to change at any time.  Cairns Regional Council does not guarantee that any of the procurement activities listed will proceed and reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the listed procurement activities at its discretion.  For more information on Council's procurement framework, please refer to Council's Procurement Policy ( PDF, 0.07 MB )

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Project DescriptionTypeDate
Workshop Extension  - FPLTRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Stormwater pipe and culvert CCTV inspectionsRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Street Lighting Improvement Program 2018/2019 - CBD LED Lighting UpgradesRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Martyn Street Depot Oil SeperatorRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Administration Building External CCTVRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Stratford Depot Shed ExtensionRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Spence Cbus Controller UpgradeRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Administration Building Civic Room Lighting and Audio Visual UpgradeRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Babinda Covered Walkway UpgradeRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Gordonvale WWTP Control System UpgradeRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
SPS KB1 upgradeRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
 DN375 McGregor Rd to Yorkeys Knob Rd trunk reticulation augmentation Request for TenderOct-Dec 18
Refurbish  Henley Hill No.3 Water ReservoirRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Edmonton WWTP Remediation WorksRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Freshwater WTP - Sodium Hypo dosing pump UpgradeRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Cairns CBD Storm Event Calibration and Detailed Sewage Infrastructure Planning ReviewRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Caravonica Trunk water mainRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
SPS W1 rising main augmentation and pump station renewalRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Freshwater WTP PLC ConsolidationRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Bramston Beach Integrated Water Management Scheme ReviewRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
SPS B1 renewalRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Copperlode Dam - Annual Inspection ProjectsRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
SPS S1 upgrade PumpRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
SCADA security (W&W)Request for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Freshwater WTP Alum and Soda Tank RefurbishmentRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Northern WWTP remediation works planRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Marlin Coast WWTP remediation works' planRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Southern WWTP remediation works planRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
SPS FG1 pressure main upgrade concept designRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Gordonvale WWTP remediation works planRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Purchase of Valve Exercising Machine for Wastewater OperationsRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
SPS GO5 Renewal - designRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Refurbishment of Panguna Reservoir - designRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
MRF MasterplanRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Northern Beaches trunk water main (Kamerunga Rd to Lake Placid) - designRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
SPS B3 renewal - designRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Russell Heads water supply improvement works - investigationsRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Refurbish SPS CB2 - consultancy Request for QuotationOct-Dec 18
SPS T14 asset renewal - consultancyRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 18
Alley Park Amenities ProjectRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Cairns LibrariesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Palm Cove Lighting ImprovementsRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
EAP ServicesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Development of a Regional Cemetry StrategyRequest for QuotationOct-Dec 18
Provision of Recruitment and Labour Hire ServicesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Provision of Test and Tag ServicesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Lift Maintenance and ServicingRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Construction, Demolition and Soils Waste DisposalRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Provision of Pest Control ServicesRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Supply and Delivery of Road Marking PaintRequest for TenderOct-Dec 18
Fireworks Request for TenderOct-Dec 18
LDCC Fire & security UpgardeRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Babinda SES generator RepairsRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
LDCC Building Renewal worksRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Muddies Play Area RefurbishmentRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Gordonvale WWTP remediation of Sludge LagoonsRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
SPS B2 renewal - designRequest for Quotation  Jan-Mar 19
SPS YK1 asset renewal - designRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
SPS R1 upgrade (South) - designRequest for Quotation  Jan-Mar 19
Portsmith Landfill Gas Collection System remediationRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Portsmith landfill purchase of 5 x Spear pumpsRequest for Quotation  Jan-Mar 19
Gordonvale WWTP Switch Room - Install Smoke DetectorRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
RJIP Tennis Centre Roof PC18060Request for TenderJan-Mar 19
Netball Courts Roof StructureRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Travel TenderRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Provision of Water Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and ServicesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Provision of Cleaning Services for Cairns LibrariesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Coconut Harvesting ProjectRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Provision of Cleaning Services Spence St Administration Building and Martyn St DepotRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Provision of After Hours Call Centre ServiceRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Management of Commercial LeasesRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Supply and Delivery of Citric AcidRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Provision of Corporate Travel ServicesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Hourly Hire of Mowers (includes Water and Waste sites)Request for TenderJan-Mar 19
Supply of PVC Class 16 Pipes and Water FittingsRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Landscape Maintenance - Argentea Estate, Palm CoveRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Insitu Stabilised PavementsRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
C170 and C320 Bitumen WorksRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
Provision of Cleaning ServicesRequest for TenderJan-Mar 19
General Maintenance for Water and Waste Department SitesRequest for QuotationJan-Mar 19
Cairns International Tennis Centre - Operation and ManagementRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Supply of Automotive Services, Accessories and Spare PartsRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Supply and Delivery of Soda AshRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Water and Waste Emissions Reduction Fund Contract Request for QuotationApr-Jun 19
Operation of Portsmith Landfill FlareRequest for QuotationApr-Jun 19
Provision of Internal Audit ServicesRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Novated Vehicle LeasingRequest for QuotationApr-Jun 19
Supply and Deliver Cover Aggregates and Crusher DustRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Supply and Deliver Soil Aggregates and Crushed RockRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Records Storage, Retrieval and Destruction ServicesRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Flora, Fauna, Spotter and Catcher ServicesRequest for TenderApr-Jun 19
Smithfield Transfer Station Recycling, product stewardship items and hazardous waste streams Storage UpgradeRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Construction of Concrete Paths and Other Concrete WorksRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Road Line MarkingRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Supply and Delivery of  Various Sands and TopsoilsRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Provision of Signage and Signage ServicesRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Provision of Bulk Fuels, Fuel Cards, Oils and LubricantsRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
CitySafe CCTV Monitoring and Security PatrolsRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Provision of Security Services Request for TenderJul-Sep 19
Request for Services - Audit Committee MembershipRequest for TenderJul-Sep 19
Caravonica - Installation of  Actuated Valves & Associated Electrical WorksRequest for Quotation  Oct-Dec 19
Stage 2 Munro Martin Parklands - Permanent back of house structures, bar and toiletsRequest for TenderOct-Dec 19
Yorkeys Knob trunk reticulation augmentationRequest for Quotation  Apr-Jun 20
Last updated: 06 November 2018