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Contact information for Cairns Regional Council Customer Service Centres, Councillors or official complaints. More

Awards & recognition

We are proud of the wide range of accolades and honours awarded to Cairns Regional Council. Such awards underline our commitment to delivering excellent service to our community. More

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Corporate structure

Council's high level management structure consists of six departments headed by General Managers who report to the Chief Executive Officer. More

Council workers
Employment at Council

Cairns Regional Council offers generous employee benefits and career development opportunities. Enjoy an exciting and rewarding career with excellent working conditions and benefits. More

Community Engagement
Have your say

Council is committed to engaging the community across a range of policy, programs, works and service issues, to work together, focusing on solutions and making a difference. More

Major Projects
Major projects

Cairns Regional Council is committed to the revitalisation of the city through its major projects. More

Mayor & Councillors

The Council comprises a popularly elected mayor and nine elected divisional councillors. The Mayoralty is decided on a majority popular vote across the entire local government area. Elections are held every four years. More

Statutory Meeting

Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise advertised). Meetings are open to the public. More

News & publications

Cairns Regional Council’s media releases and Public Notices provide information on current issues and matters of public interest. More

Policies & laws

General Policies are instruments which give direction to processes as ratified by Council. More

Bedminster tender
Procurement & tenders

Council issues tenders and public quotation requests for supply of materials, equipment and services in order to fulfill its obligations and objectives as a service organisation. More

Information privacy
Right to Information

Council collects and stores information about the region, properties, land, individuals, even animals. Legislation governs your rights to information and privacy. More

What we do

Learn more about the role of Council, our councillors and how we work in the community. More

Last updated: 08 September 2015