Water, waste & roads

Water Services
Water supply & use

Council works with community and environmental groups, residents and other stakeholders to deliver its water, wastewater and solid waste management services. More

Waste & recycling

Cairns Regional Council waste strategies and policies More

Drains & waterways

Council manages a large stormwater and drainage network of pits, pipes, open channels and natural waterways. Everyone has a role to play in keeping pollutants out of the stormwater system to protect our rivers, creeks and oceans. More

Public works
Roads & public works

Councils plan, construct and maintain roads, drains, parks, cycleways, facilities and other public infrastructure. More

Parking in Cairns

Council regulates car parking in Cairns to ensure reasonable parking is available for motorists, businesses, customers, workers and tourists. A variety of car parking is available, including on-street metered parking, off-street car parking facilities and accessible parking. More

Council workers
Works in progress

Listing of current and upcoming roadworks and other public works across the Cairns region. More

Last updated: 18 March 2015