The Rockabilly Blues X-press

The Rockabilly Blues X-Press are an energetic, toe-tapping Blues and Rockabilly fusion. With their range of smoky bar room blues mixed with pumped up Rockabilly tunes everybody will be up dancing.
They are fronted by sassy Rockabilly gal, Leanne Tennant and have worked with people such as Bill Chambers, Jimi Hocking, Ray Beadle & Wanita Queen of Honky-tonk.

The Rockabilly Blues X-Press are a dynamic group and their ability to swap between smooth laid back Blues followed by a journey into the 1950's Rock n Roll era is priceless, an act not to be missed!

"We called into the '12 bar' during the Cairns blues festival. It was an incredible scene with a rocking band fronted by a sassy rockabilly gal called Leanne Tennant. She had the crowd eating out of her hand, and within minutes so were we!" - Jimi Hocking (the Screaming Jets & Jimi Hocking aka Jimi the Human)