COVID-19 update

Gatherings on the Esplanade parklands are restricted to groups of 100 people. Physical distancing rules apply.

The Cairns Esplanade stretches 2.5km along the city's picturesque foreshore offering a range of parklands and lush lawns for hire for your next event.

Eastern Event Lawn

The Eastern Event Lawn is located on the eastern side of the Lagoon with a scenic outlook.

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Western Event Lawn

The Western Event Lawn is located at the western side of the Lagoon in picturesque surrounds.

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Muddy's Event Lawn

Muddy's Event Lawn is located just to the north of Muddy's Playground.

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Northern Event Lawn

The Northern Event Lawn is a nice place to stretch out a rug and have a picnic.

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Fun Ship Parkland

The event lawn is located near the Fun Ship playground at the northern end of the Cairns Esplanade.

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Fogarty Park and sound shell

Fogarty Park is a lush lawn area lined by trees and a performance sound shell.

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Sister Cities Parkland

Sister Cities Parkland includes a BBQ facility and high water pier.

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Dog off-leash area

The area to the very north of the Cairns Esplanade is the designated dog off-leash area.

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McKenzie Street Parkland

McKenzie Street Parkland is at the northern end of Cairns Esplanade, offering views of palm fringe waterfront.

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