Payment options

Council offers a variety of convenient payment options including online payments, Bpay, at Australia Post, by mail or in person.

Want to pay multiple accounts online? Go straight to the online payments shopping cart.

Receive your Rates and Water Usage Notices by email

Council offers you the convenience of receiving your Rates and Water Usage Notices by email. This is an opt-in service. You will need your assessment number/s to register.

Online Self Service

Use Council's Online Self Service tool to make payments at any time convenient to you. Most payments can be made without having to register, however a Logon Account is needed for transactions that require us to verify your identity for security or privacy reasons.

Even if you don't use services requiring a Logon Account, by applying for a Logon Account now, you can streamline your transactions as forms will self-populate with your recorded details. Your transaction history will also be recorded for future use.

Last updated: 22 February 2016