Sustainability & climate change

Sustainability means meeting the region’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Living sustainably requires us to:

  • Minimise our use of natural resources.
  • Avoid waste by reducing consumption, reusing, and recycling.
  • Not endanger or degrade the quality of life for other people, other species, or future generations.
  • Consider environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts in decision making.
  • Protect the integrity of natural systems.
  • Encourage economic prosperity, though not at the expense of the community or the environment.
Council is working to create a sustainable, secure and vibrant future for our region. View sustainability events in our area.
Green Thumb campaign logo

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is Council’s new sustainable living program. It aims to help residents reduce living costs, protect our environment and support our economy through action in six areas of everyday life.

State of the environment

State of the environment reports

Annual report on Council's sustainability performance.

Sustainability at Council

Sustainability at Council

Council sustainability policies, projects and tools.

Sustainability at home

Sustainability at home

Tips and resources for managing energy, transport water and waste at home.

Climate Smart solar energy

Sustainability at school

Tips and resources for making your school sustainable.

Sustainability at work

Sustainability at work

Improve efficiency in your business or workplace and save money along the way.

Sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings

Council has adopted a Sustainable Building Design Policy, Guidelines and Checklist to demonstrate leadership in sustainable tropical building design.

Sustainable Living Expo

Sustainable living expo

This annual event is a fun, family-friendly day where local businesses and organisations showcase their eco-friendly products and services.

What is climate change

Climate change

Projected climate change impacts for our region and how Council is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.


Community Sustainability Grant

A grant to support and encourage community groups that are promoting sustainable communities, improving energy efficiency, or enhancing community resilience to climate change and/or peak oil.