Barr Ck bridge (Northern Beaches Leisure Trail)

  • Type of work: Footpath & Cycleway Works
  • Suburb: Holloways Beach and Machans Beach
  • Work period (anticipated): 20/09/2020 to 31/08/2021
  • Description: Construction of a cycling and pedestrian bridge
  • Likely impacts: Noise; Dust; Traffic Control
  • Location: Southern end of Holloways Beach (Magnolia St/Willow St reserve) & Machans Beach (Air Services land near Marshall St and Arnold St)
  • Status: Open

A bridge will be constructed over Barr Creek to provide a safe and efficient pedestrian and cycling connection between Machans Beach and Holloways Beach. The bridge, and its connecting pathways, form part of the Northern Beaches Leisure Trail which is progressively being constructed to connect Cairns beach suburbs to the CBD. Please refer to the links below for further information.

Project update (as at 15 January)

Holloways Beach side of Barr Ck:

  • Vegetation clearing works are expected to start the week of 18 January. Revegetation works will occur once construction works are complete.
  • Bridge piling works expected to start February 2021.

Machans Beach side of Barr Ck:

  • Installation / driving of piles on this side of the creek are complete.
  • Bridge abutment and headstock installation continuing.
  • Installation of deck units continuing.

Council appreciates your patience and cooperation during construction and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Bridge construction timeline and method

Site establishment on the Holloways Beach side of Barr Creek is expected to start on 30 September 2020 (weather permitting).

To construct the bridge, a temporary structure will be installed alongside the proposed bridge alignment part-way across the creek to provide a working platform for machinery. Works on the Holloways Beach side of the bridge are expected to take approximately six months to complete. Following this, construction will then move to the Machans Beach side of Barr Creek where the relocated temporary structure will be reinstalled for machinery access.

The bridge will be a low-profile concrete bridge, approximately 150 metres long, with a clear width of 3.5 metres suitable for a shared cycling and pedestrian path. The bridge will consist primarily of precast concrete deck units and cast in-situ pier headstocks. Each pier will be supported on precast concrete piles which will be driven into the creek bed. The concrete deck will be finished with a bitumen wearing surface.  A light will be installed at each end of the bridge structure along with some kerb level lighting along the bridge.

Working hours will vary according to suitable tides but will generally be Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 7am and 6pm, and Saturdays, 7am to 4pm. Some additional weekend works may be required. Depending on working heights of cranes, the timing of work may also be undertaken outside of these times in liaison with the airport.

The bridge work program will be dependent on tide levels, weather conditions and constraints with cranes, however completion of this major infrastructure project is at this stage expected to be in August 2021.

What to expect during construction
  • Construction vehicle traffic within Holloways Beach along Holloways Beach Access Rd, Oleander St and Magnolia St and in Machans Beach along Machans Beach Rd, Prior St and Marshall St, larger vehicle access will be required through Air Services land;
  • Construction activities and heavy machinery will result in some noise, dust and vibration however impacts will be monitored and minimised wherever possible;
  • Temporary closures of public space where construction activities are in progress (eg. Willow St Reserve) and pedestrian detours;
  • Tree trimming and vegetation removal required within the work area for crane/construction machinery access – this will be limited as much as possible and replacement plantings undertaken where practical;
  • Construction fencing installed where required, initially within Willow Reserve and then relocating to Air Services land; and
  • A site office located within Air Services land at Machans Beach.

Council appreciates your patience and cooperation while this major infrastructure improvement project is underway.

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This $6 million project is being funded by the Federal Government's Regional Jobs and Investment Packages program and Cairns Regional Council.
Construction of connecting pathways through each suburb

The bridge will connect on both sides of the creek to a 3 metre wide on-ground concrete pathway via short ramps. Works to construct these connecting pathways through Holloways Beach and Machans Beach will commence once the bridge works are substantially completed.

Barr Creek bridge (artist impression only)

Last updated: 22 January 2021