Hambledon Drive road configuration changes

  • Type of work: Minor Road Works
  • Suburb: Edmonton
  • Work period (anticipated): 29/06/2020 to 10/07/2020
  • Description: Road configuration changes (line marking)
  • Likely impacts: Noise; Traffic Control
  • Location: Hambledon Drive (Mill Rd to Isabella Rd)
  • Status: Closed

To improve safety for all road users, Council will be re-line marking Hambledon Drive, from Mill Road to Isabella Road, from two traffic lanes in each direction to one lane on both sides of the road.

Changing the roadway configuration ( PDF, 4.46 MB ) will provide the following benefits:

  • improved safety for all road users with dedicated cycle lanes provided on both sides of the road;
  • increased median width and a safer environment for Council workers when undertaking maintenance works;
  • traffic lanes further away from housing (and associated reduction in noise);
  • enough room for car parking on the road shoulder and/or vehicle break-downs.

Bicycle Awareness Zones (BAZ) will also be undertaken on the roundabouts. This includes:

  • Reducing the speed limit on the approaches to the roundabout to 30km/hr;
  • On-road stencilling of bicycle symbols to advise all road-users that cyclists are encouraged to ‘take the lane’ and use the traffic lane to travel through the roundabout;
  • Painting of chevrons around the roundabout to clearly define the traffic lanes – for use by vehicles and bicycles.

The existing signalised intersection at Walker Road will remain the same and traffic movements will not be affected by these changes.

Council has examined traffic volumes and has determined that a one-lane traffic arrangement will be suitable for this road.

Changing a road’s configuration from two lanes to one lane does not reduce traffic capacity or cause congestion. Capacity is affected more by the number of lanes provided at the intersection approaches, rather than the number of lanes mid-block. Traffic surveys undertaken in streets that are one-lane indicate that there are no significant delays during peak traffic times.

Works are expected to be undertaken late June 2020. During works, please observe and obey traffic controllers and signs advising the changes to normal traffic conditions. Council appreciates your patience and cooperation during this time.

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Last updated: 10 July 2020