Public toilets for Grafton Street

  • Suburb: Cairns city
  • Work period (anticipated): 01/10/2017 to 31/12/2017
  • Description: New public toilets are being built in Grafton Street
  • Likely impacts: Noise; Dust; Traffic Control
  • Location: Grafton St / Spence St intersection (southern side)
  • Status: Closed

New public toilets will be built in the centre median island of Grafton Street, near the Spence Street intersection.

This site, as shown in the location plan, has existing street lighting, will not require the loss of any car parking spaces and its installation in the centre median provides a buffer away from business entrances and frontages.

Works are expected to commence on Wednesday 8 November 2017 and be completed by December 2017.

During construction there may be some minor disruptions to traffic and the u-turn facility will be temporarily moved south of the work site. As part of the works, a concrete path will be constructed to connect the toilet block to the pedestrian crossing at the signalised intersection.

The area is covered by the existing CCTV surveillance and will be monitored as part of the CBD CCTV network.

For further information, please contact Council on (07) 4044 3326 or email

Last updated: 15 August 2019