Footpath upgrade - Sheridan Street, Rusty's Markets

  • Type of work: Footpath & Cycleway Works
  • Suburb: Cairns City
  • Work period (anticipated): 27/08/2018 to 10/10/2018
  • Description: Works are programmed for Sheridan St, between Spence and Shields Sts
  • Likely impacts: Noise; Dust; Property Access; Traffic Control
  • Status: Closed

Improvement works are programmed for Sheridan Street, between Spence and Shields Streets. This work involves renewing the majority of the footpath on the eastern side of Sheridan Street, along the Rusty’s Markets frontage.

The improvement works to be undertaken include:

  • The removal of the current pavers, from the southern end of the site (near the Jack Hotel), along the Rusty’s frontage, up to and including out the front of No. 76 and No. 78 Sheridan St. The pavers will be replaced with a concrete footpath with an exposed aggregate finish.
  • The replacement of the kerb and channel for the full frontage of Rusty’s Markets, including the driveway crossovers at each end of the markets.
  • The replacement of the driveway crossover between the two restaurants Suan Suan and 7 Spices.
  • Minor adjustments to the alignment of car parking bays to allow better usage of the existing loading zone, disabled parking bay and bike parking area at the northern end of the site. There will be no change to the current number of parking bays available.

Due to the increased activity in the area when Rusty’s Markets are in operation, works will only be undertaken between Mondays and Thursdays. Evening will be required at times, and will only be programmed between Sunday and Wednesday nights. The crew will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.

Given the reduction in available working days for construction, works are expected to take approximately 6 weeks to complete, weather permitting.

For further information, please call 4044 3303 or email

Last updated: 15 August 2019