Tree removal and transplanting - Fogarty Park

  • Type of work: Parks & Playgrounds
  • Suburb: Cairns city
  • Work period (anticipated): 26/09/2017 to 20/10/2017
  • Description: Tree removal and transplanting works will be carried out in Fogarty Park.
  • Location: Fogarty Park
  • Status: Closed

Council has been monitoring a Ficus benjamina tree (Weeping Fig) located in Fogarty Park since April 2015. This tree is infected with Phellinus noxius (Brown Root Rot) and the infection has caused a section of this tree to fail.

The initial treatment for the tree involved reducing the canopy to lessen wind and water loading on its limbs. This treatment was hoped to extend its safe useful life expectancy as long as practicably possible. A recent re-assessment of the tree indicates that the only course of treatment reasonable to take is removal.

A suitable advanced Banyan tree growing nearby (Ficus microcarpa) will be transplanted to the removal site. This tree is growing in an overcrowded stand of trees. Transplanting this tree will improve the aesthetics of the area by replanting the site with a similar sized tree and allowing the Banyan tree to grow with limited competition and interference.

Works are scheduled to commence Tuesday 26 September 2017, with transplanting occurring in approximately three weeks once the soil has been treated appropriately.

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Last updated: 15 August 2019