Cenotaph and Memorial site refurbishment

  • Suburb: Cairns Esplanade
  • Work period (anticipated): 24/09/2018 to 02/11/2018
  • Description: Refurbishment works underway
  • Likely impacts: Noise; Dust
  • Status: Closed

Refurbishment works are underway at the Cenotaph and Memorial site for the Remembrance Day commemorations and includes the:

  • replacement of existing flagpoles
  • extraction of the existing time capsule and placement of a new time capsule
  • removal of four bollards around the Cenotaph base
  • rectification of the base slab and steps.

Future planned works include the installation of uplighting to illuminate the Cenotaph statue, inspection of the Cenotaph statue for repair work scoping, and installation of replacement bollards separating the roadway and paved area.

At times during construction, there will be minor access disruptions, noise and dust. Council officers will minimise temporary inconveniences wherever possible.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these important works.

For further information, please call 4044 3303 or email feedback@cairns.qld.gov.au

Last updated: 15 August 2019