Online 20mm Water Service Applications FAQ

What are the fees and charges associated with Water services applications?

Please note all amounts are GST free.

Application TypeDescription of ServiceAmount ($)
20mm Urban Domestic Water ServiceService Connection1183.50
20mm Rural Domestic Water ServiceQuoted Works(Quoted)
Relocation/Renewal of Water ServiceQuoted Works(Quoted)

How can I follow up on my online application with Council?

Once your online application has been submitted, you will be presented with a reference number on the application receipt, and in a confirmation email (if you select Email as your preferred method of contact). You can use either of these reference numbers for your application when contacting Council.

If you have provided payment for the application, upon successful receipt of the online application and payment in the Council system, a Tax Invoice will be forwarded via email within 2 business days to the supplied email address.

Please ensure you have entered a valid email address in the Applicant Details section of the online application.

Is the signature of ALL owner’s required on the 20mm Urban Domestic Water Service application?

Yes.  In accordance with legislation, we are unable to process your application without the consent of all registered property owners.

What if the property is owned by a company?

We require a signature from the director/secretary of the company to process the application.  Please specify full name and position.

Can I request the location of my new water meter?

Yes. You may request a preferred meter location (please attach map).  However, this will depend on a site inspection by a council plumber who will assess contributing factors such as the location of other infrastructure and existing pipework.

I am subdividing my block, does this affect my application?

Your application will be placed on hold until the subdivision becomes registered with the titles office and shows as separate blocks.

Are there any factors that may delay the application process?

Some factors that may affect your application include change of ownership. If settlement has not occurred or the titles have not been registered at Dept Natural Resources then the application will be placed on hold until the name change has occurred, reflecting the owners on the application as the current ratepayer in our system. However, to speed up the process you may arrange for a letter from the current ratepayers authorising the water service installation.

Another factor is if all owners have not provided consent then the application will be put on hold until all owners have signed. Council will contact the applicant via email to arrange any additional signatures that are required.

Once I have submitted the application, when can I expect my meter to be installed?

We endeavour to carry out the works within 10-20 business days from the date of receipt.  However, there are some factors that may delay the installation process (see question above).

Can I be contacted by the work crew prior to installation?

Yes. Please ensure you indicate this by providing a contact number in the Applicant Details section and selecting the tick box provided at the end of the online application form.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Water Services
(07) 4058 9500
Last updated: 16 June 2020