Plumbing services

The Water and Waste plumbing section has a strong commitment to maintaining accurate records and providing a high standard of customer service to residential, commercial and industrial groups of our community.

Primary functions are:

  • Processing and approving plumbing applications within 20 business days (sewer only).
  • Building over Councils’ sewer infrastructure.
  • Inspections of approved plumbing works.
  • Provision of Sewer Main / As Constructed Plans – Sewer Plan Requests.
  • Services Search - Sewer and Water Infrastructure As Constructed Plan search.
  • Backflow Prevention, maintain a register of devices in Cairns Regional Council area.
  • Solar/Heat pump hot water installations.
  • Rainwater tank installation.
  • Processing and approving applications for new residential, rural and commercial.
  • Water meter services and subdivisional connections.
  • Processing applications for subsidiary water meters .
  • Relocation/renewal of residential, rural and commercial water services.
  • Undertaking inspections and testing of approved subdivisional water and sewer works.

The following information sheets are available in the related documents area.

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Last updated: 24 November 2017