Plumbing & drainage works

Council offers various online applications for plumbing, drainage and sewer applications as well as online payment facilities:


  • Turnaround time for a sewer plan request is 2 business days. We will contact you if it is likely to take longer.
  • For plumbing applications, allow 10 days for a standard application or 2 days for fast tracked applications.

Plumbing approvals - permit work

All plumbing work in Queensland is regulated by the State Government and is categorised as Permit Work, Notifiable Work, Minor Work and Unregulated Work.  Only Permit Work requires an application to be lodged with Council.  

Permit work must be done by a licensed plumber and you (or your plumber on your behalf) must obtain a permit before work commences. Council will assess and inspect the work to ensure it complies with the relevant laws, regulations and codes.

To determine if your proposed work is Permit Work, refer to the QBCC website or check the legislation and regulations referenced above.

For more information about your specific project, contact your preferred licenced plumber directly, or Council's Plumbing & Drainage team on 4044 8235 or via email.

Referral agency approval for plumbing & drainage works

For certain building work over or near relevant infrastructure, Council is the Referral Agency and must give permission. This is in addition to any other building and development approvals. Relevant infrastructure includes sewers, water mains, storm water drains and combined sanitary drains. Structures built over or near these assets must be assessed against Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4 (opens as PDF file).

Further details are available in the FNQROC Development Manual Design Guidelines D7 Sewerage System - refer to Design Criteria D7.16 Building over or near sewerage infrastructure.

Plumbing inspections

Council must inspect all Permit Work before it is covered, to ensure the work complies with the relevant laws, regulations and codes.

Council’s inspection indicates compliance with approvals, not quality of workmanship.

Your licensed plumber or drainer will book the plumbing inspection with Council. In most cases, bookings can be taken for the following day if requested before 3:00pm. However, times are limited and to effectively manage our resources so we can provide a high level of customer service, we suggest you book the inspection at least 48 hours in advance.

Final inspection certificate

We use Form 19—Final inspection certificate to certify that the permit work is compliant, operational and fit for use. The certificate is issued when all work under the permit, or a distinct part of the work, is complete.  Copies of the form are issued to the licensed plumber, permit holder and owner.

Plumbing and sewer plan records

You can request details of sewer mains (as Constructed Plans) and Trade Waste information:

This service includes a search of Council’s electronic plumbing and drainage records, but Council does not perform a physical inspection of the premises in preparing this information.

Turnaround time for a sewer plan request is 2 business days. We will contact you if it is likely to take longer.  All search fees are non-refundable and as Council may not hold the requested information, searches are ordered at your own discretion.

Limitation on records

Council was not required to record As Constructed house drainage information prior to April 1998 in un-sewered areas. If your property was bult in an un-sewered area pre-1998, it is unlikely Council will hold plumbing and sewer plans.

Before you order, you can check if records are available - email the Plumbing & Drainage team or phone 4044 8235.

Last updated: 15 January 2021