Waste reduction and recycling strategy

Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategy 2018-2027

The strategy sets out how the waste and resource recovery needs of the Cairns region will be met over the next 10 years and provides a strategic direction for moving Cairns towards a future in which landfills are the last option.

It puts a priority on reducing waste and minimising the amount sent to landfill.  It emphasises the importance of community engagement and encourages avoidance of waste, maximising the recycling of materials that are left and supporting the move towards a circular approach.

At the heart of the strategy is the need to change our perception of waste.  We all need to start viewing waste as a potential resource and think about how we can use it more efficiently.

Our five objectives focus on addressing the current resource recovery and waste management challenges and opportunities in the Cairns region, as follows:

Provide education and awareness empowering our community to embrace waste avoidance, reduction and reuse

Reduce waste where Council and community take responsibility for reducing their own waste and using resources effectively

Maximise resource recovery to reduce landfill disposal through resource recovery opportunities

Secure our future needs where our capacity and capability to manage future waste is secured

Advocacy and collaboration to lead strategic alliances and partnerships to support best practices in waste management

Read the Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategy 2018-2027 ( PDF, 4.42 MB )

Last updated: 10 August 2018