Bin collection & services


To check which day and week your bins are serviced, search for your suburb and street below.

If you are unable to determine your property's collection day, contact Customer Service on 1300 69 22 47.

Bin use

To make sure your bin is collected, there's a few things you need to do:

  • position the bin before 6:00am on the day of collection
  • place the bin on the footpath next to the kerb, handle towards the house
  • ensure waste and recycling bins are placed at least 50cm apart
  • do not overfill bins, the lid must close fully
  • do not overload the bin (maximum weight is 70 kilograms)
  • no hazardous waste (flares, batteries, gas bottles)

Please note household recyclables, household hazardous waste, and items for the Buy Back Shop can be taken directly to Council's transfer stations for FREE.

For more information on bin use, download the how to ensure your bin gets collected flyer. ( PDF, 1.54 MB )

Waste bins

Household general waste bins are collected weekly. Your general waste bin will have either a green or red lid. From December 2017, all new services in the Cairns region are issued with red lidded general waste bins. Green lids are slowly being phased out.

What can I put in the red/green lidded general waste bin?

The red/green lidded general waste bin is intended for domestic waste that is generated daily from households and cannot be placed in the recycling bin.

If you're unsure of which bin to put it in, visit our Recycle Right web page, download Council's pantry card ( PDF, 2.96 MB ). or the searchable A-Z of Waste.

Alternatively, home worm farming and composting are a great way to reduce the amount of waste that leaves your home and goes to landfill.

Recycling bins

What can I put in the yellow lidded recycling bin?

The yellow-lidded household recycling bin is collected fortnightly and is intended for recyclables that are generated daily from households.

If you're unsure of which bin to put it in, visit our Recycle Right websitedownload Council's pantry card ( PDF, 2.96 MB )or the searchable A-Z of Waste.  .

Bin services

Council provides a range of options to the community when it comes to bin collection services:

Missed bin collection

Please report any missed collection within 24 hours to Customer Service:

Damaged or stolen bin (repair / replace)

To request repair or replacement of a damaged or stolen bin:

  • via our online Report a problem form * NOTE: place your bin on the kerb before submitting the form (for damaged bins only), or
  • by phone 1300 69 22 47.
Additional collection of residential waste & recycling bins

If you did not put your residential 240 litre waste and recycling bins out or you need an extra collection outside of your normal bin day (weekdays only), you can request an additional collection. A fee of only $9.50 applies per additional service. To request an additional collection service:

Additional cleansing service

This service can only be requested by the property owner.

It is a combined service of an additional general waste bin and recycling bin, usually for a long term arrangement. Fees apply ( PDF, 0.09 MB ) for the additional cleansing service, charged on the rates notice. To apply, the property owner must contact Customer Service on 1300 69 22 47.

Infirm serviceCouncil provides an Infirm Service to residents who are physically incapable of placing their wheelie bins out for collection and have no able-bodied person living with them. The waste collection contractor will enter the resident's property to collect the bins and return them after servicing FREE of charge.

A written letter from a medical professional (GP, occupational therapist, health care professional or nursing agent) is required for this service. There is no additional cost for the infirm service; it is covered under the annual cleansing charge on the property.
Home dialysis patientsCouncil offers a FREE additional recycling bin to home dialysis patients (for dialysis packaging) at the patient’s residential property.The collection day for the additional bin will remain in line with the already established recycling bin collection day. If there is no kerbside recycling service available at the residence due to truck accessibility issues (i.e. rural lots) and/or availability of site storage, the free additional recycling bin will not apply.

A written letter from the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service is required to apply for this service. 
Recycling at multi-unit dwellings (MUDs)MUD properties are entitled to a recycling collection service as part of their Council rates. Recycling service conditions are the same as household collections.

To receive a service, body corporate and resident managers should contact Council to check entitlements and arrange for a site evaluation to assess the complex layout and accessibility for collection vehicles.

If recycling bins can be accommodated on site, Council will arrange for the bin/s to be delivered. Council's Recycling Project Officer can also visit your premises to discuss your specific waste management requirements and advise on the best recycling solution for your property, including training and education materials for tenants and guests.

For a Bulk Bin Collection Service and recycling bins for apartment blocks and multi-unit dwellings, please contact Council on 1300 69 22 47 to arrange an on-site inspection and assessment for bin storage areas.
Business recycling serviceCouncil offers information on waste and recycling in business including details on collection services, co-mingled recyclables, costs and government support.

For more information or to book in a service, please contact Customer Service on 1300 69 22 47.

Last updated: 04 January 2021