Roads and paths

Who's responsible for which roads?

Council looks after the majority of roads within the local government area, including suburban roads with the exception of highways which are controlled by the Queensland Government.

The Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads maintains and controls the following highways:

  • Gillies Highway (Riverstone Road);
  • Bruce Highway (Mulgrave Road);
  • Southern Connection (Ray Jones Dve, Comport St & sections of Kenny St, Florence St and Bunda St);
  • Pine Creek-Yarrabah Road;
  • Kennedy Highway (Kuranda Range Road);
  • Cairns Western Arterial Rd (Reservoir Rd, McCoombe St, Alfred St, Pease St, Anderson St, James St);
  • Stratford Connection Rd (Aeroglen Dve);
  • Captain Cook Highway (Sheridan St).

You can view all Queensland Government-controlled roads on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website. To see Government-controlled roads within the Cairns Regional Council region, please download this map ( PDF, 0.9 MB ).

Road closures

To review roads that are temporarily closed for Council works or events, refer to Works in Progress, Public Notices and Alerts. To review other road closures approved by Council, refer to the Public Notices section of The Cairns Post.

Dead animals on roads

Council removes dead animals from roads, footpaths and nature strips but not private properties. Telephone Customer Service on 1300 69 22 47 and provide a precise location and the animal will be removed within 24 hours.

Driveways and crossovers on roads

The crossover is the part of the driveway that crosses the footway from the kerb to the property boundary. Property owners are responsible for building and maintaining residential driveways and crossovers within the road reserve and within a resident's own property.

Footpaths and cycleways

Council is responsible for maintaining approximately 500km of concrete or asphalt footpaths, 113 connecting footbridges, and numerous boardwalks and off-road recreational walking tracks. All paths are shared facilities for pedestrians and cyclists unless signed otherwise.

The safety of pedestrians is important to Council and our footpaths are maintained by a regular repair program. Council allocates an annual budget for these repairs and for construction of new paths.

The walking and cycling network continues to expand as Council links more routes and builds more pathways to meet future population growth. Read more about footpaths and cycleways .

For more information on cycling and walking in Cairns, including maps showing the off-road paths and on-road bike lanes, visit our cycling and walking page.

To report any footpath or cycleway issues

Call Council on 1300 69 22 47 or make an online customer request.

Bus shelters

Council installs and maintains bus shelters around the region, on behalf of the Queensland Government (Department of Transport and Main Roads).

DTMR is responsible for managing public transport and bus networks in regional Queensland.

Bus shelter locations are chosen by Council in conjunction with DTMR and the public transport service, Sunbus.

Generally, shelters are not provided on school routes however, in many cases bus routes coincide with the public bus system route and school children can use public transport shelters.

To report damage to bus shelters

Call Council on 1300 69 22 47 or make an online customer request.

Last updated: 30 June 2020