Keeping our CBD inviting

The CBD says a lot about a city. It is the heart of the business community. It's where people go to work, to shop, to socialise, to be entertained. It is a reflection of a city's economic presence, lifestyle and strategic direction. That’s why it’s important to present it the best way we can. Council undertakes the following programs to make the CBD inviting for locals and visitors alike.

CBD cleaning and maintenance programs

  • Street sweeping and footpath cleaning: Council has a street sweeper cleaning program for the CBD which operates 365 days a year, commencing at 3am each weekday and 2am each weekend. Depending on the location, whether it is a residential area or not, footpaths are cleaned with a broom or electric blower. The rubbish is directed into the gutter and then the gutter is cleaned by the street sweeper truck. Footpaths in the CBD are high pressure cleaned. This cleaning schedule is undertaken based on the level of foot traffic. For example,  the Shields Street spine that runs from the Esplanade to Cairns Central shopping centre is pressure cleaned once each year, while Florence Street and Wharf Street are pressure cleaned once every two years.
  • Rubbish collection: Rubbish bins in the CBD are emptied every day. Other highly utilised areas, such as Palm Cove foreshore, are also emptied daily. Other bins are collected either every second day or every week, depending on location and demand.
  • Public toilets: Highly utilised amenities are cleaned twice each day (this includes the public toilets at the transit mall and the northern Esplanade facilities). The public toilets and change room facilities at the Esplanade lagoon are cleaned and checked on an hourly basis. Other public toilets in the region, such as the Botanic Gardens and suburban parks, are cleaned once each day.
  • Garden maintenance: Council’s inner city gardeners carry out safety checks and rubbish removal every morning. Usually taking approximately two hours, it can easily take twice that long following an event, public holiday or similar. Once this component is complete, other landscaping works including pruning and trimming, and mowing and mulching of garden beds are carried out throughout the CBD. There are 11 gardeners and maintenance officers allocated to the CBD area.
  • Cleaning and maintenance funding: Each year, Council allocates approximately:
    • $760,000 for concrete or paved footpath maintenance;
    • $110,000 for high pressure footpath cleaning; and
    • $55,000 for the annual chewing gum removal program for CBD footpaths.

Usually in this order over a 9-hour day, every day of the year, Council CBD maintenance officers undertake the following tasks in key inner city public spaces:

  • safety check and cleaning;rubbish collection and emptying bins;
  • leaf blowing, collecting and disposing of litter;
  • spot cleaning/hosing of paths and pavers;
  • rubbish collection and emptying bins at transit mall;
  • facility related works including cleaning, graffiti removal, lunchtime entertainment and event set up;
  • rubbish collection and emptying bins at Lake, Shields and Grafton streets;
  • rubbish collection and emptying bins at transit mall;
  • safety check and cleaning.

After events, long weekends or public holidays, the focus is on rubbish removal and cleaning.

Condition reports

Condition reports rate the current condition of all CBD roads, footpaths, kerbing and lighting. They take many factors into account, for example, for footpath conditions, trip hazards, cracking, and water ponding issues are assessed. These reports help Council guide the prioritisation of works within annual infrastructure renewal programs. You can review these reports online by following this QR code.If you find any problems while you are visiting our CBD, please report the issue to Council via the contact methods described below.

What can you do to help? If you notice a problem in the CBD, please report it by contacting Cairns Regional Council’s customer service team on 1300 69 22 47. Alternatively, details can be logged online. It helps if you include a good description of the problem and the location of the issue. A service request can then be forwarded to the appropriate maintenance crew.

Last updated: 26 June 2020