A ‘star-rating’ approach for our assets

Every Council-owned facility or asset, such as a road, building or park, is given a ‘star rating’ on a scale of 1 to 5, according to its significance. The star rating of the facility helps determine the prioritisation of maintenance for that facility or asset. This approach helps ensure that maintenance services are effectively allocated, providing the greatest benefit to the community.

Allocating a star rating to an asset is defined by several factors such as profile, usage, value and risk. For example, busy streets in the CBD would have a higher star rating than quiet suburban streets because they are used by more people and are located in a high profile area. In essence, the more users potentially affected, the higher the star rating would be for that asset. This approach is similar to the 5-star rating system used to classify hotels according to their quality, with a greater number of stars indicating greater luxury.

A 5-star rated Council asset is considered a critical asset or one that is very important to the community. Inspections of 5-star assets would be undertaken more frequently and they would receive higher levels of maintenance. At the other end of the spectrum, a 1-star rated asset which is not critical or very important to the community would receive less frequent inspections and reactive minimal maintenance. The majority of Council’s assets are considered to be 3-star rated.

Star ratings determine:

  • the standard and finish of facilities and play equipment. (For example, the Cairns Esplanade features premium sporting facilities, playgrounds and a swimming lagoon, whereas a small suburban park would be likely to have a swing set and bench seat.)
  • the level of preventative maintenance performed on each asset. (For example, Munro Martin Parklands is mowed every week to maintain a high standard of presentation, whereas a low-use open space such as a drainage reserve would be mowed or slashed once per month.)
  • the response timeframes when failures occur. (For example, a pothole in Spence Street would be responded to more quickly than a pothole in a suburban cul-de-sac.)
The map below shows current star ratings for all roads and parks within the Cairns region.

(Click on a park or road to see the star rating of that asset)

Last updated: 16 August 2017