Kerb and channel maintenance

Council maintains more than 1,400 kilometres of kerb and channel (commonly known as ‘gutters’ or 'K&C').

Kerb and channel is the interface between the road and drainage networks, capturing runoff and directing it into the underground stormwater drainage system.

Repairs are carried out if water is no longer free-draining (i.e. loss of grade causing pooling) or if damaged K&C is allowing water seepage into the road pavement.

Small damaged sections can be repaired ‘by hand’ at short notice. Longer sections which have lost consistent grade due to subsidence are typically completely replaced as a part of a renewal program.

Street sweeping assists in keeping debris from building up and blocking the K&C.

To report any kerb and channel issues

Call Council on 1300 69 22 47 or make an online customer request.

Last updated: 13 October 2017