Footpath maintenance

Council is responsible for maintaining approximately 500 kilometres of footpaths, 113 connecting footbridges, and numerous boardwalks and off-road recreational walking tracks.

Most paths are concrete however, some may be other finishes such as pavers, asphalt, timber or compacted rock such as crusher dust.

All paths are shared facilities for pedestrians and cyclists unless signed otherwise.

Council allocates an annual budget for repairing existing paths and for construction of new paths. Repairs are programmed following annual footpath inspection results however, if other issues are reported they are treated as a priority.

Footpath maintenance activities include:

  • Concrete patches and repairs;
  • Paver re-laying and repairs;
  • Pressure cleaning and chewing gum removal;
  • Sweeping.
For more information on cycling and walking in Cairns, including maps showing the off-road paths and on-road bike lanes, visit our cycling and walking page.
To report any footpath or cycleway issues

Call Council on 1300 69 22 47 or make an online customer request.

Last updated: 13 October 2017