I live in the CBD. Can I get a Residential parking permit?

Due to the limited supply of on-street parking spaces in the Cairns central business district, only permanent residents who live in the CBD are eligible to apply for a Residential parking permit. A strictly limited number of permits are available per dwelling, and the permit does not guarantee an on-street parking space.

The number of permits is capped at a maximum of two (2) Residential parking permits per residential address per dwelling, less the number of on-site spaces available or which may be reasonably provided at the residence.

Applicants must provide documentary proof that they are permanent residents of an eligible CBD dwelling. Temporary residents (ie, who reside in an eligible CBD dwelling for less than three months) and guests of hotels, serviced apartments, hostels and backpacker hotels are not eligible for a Residential parking permit. Note: Not all residential properties within the CBD are eligible to participate in the City's resident parking schemes. See terms & conditions for full details.
Note: All applications are subject to assessment prior to payment.

Last updated: 29 May 2015