Disputed fines

You may appeal your parking ticket by filling out the form in For Download section at the bottom of this page.. Each case is considered on its merits.

Drivers are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is parked according to signage.

Council will not waive a fee for:

Type of fineInvalid reason

Ticket machines

  • Ticket not displayed on dashboard
  • Ticket upside down on dashboard
  • Did not see the signs or ticket machine
  • Expired ticket - not purchasing additional time to allow for unexpected delays
  • You did not pay immediately on parking (for instance went to get coins from a nearby shop)

Accessible parking spaces

Parking in an accessible space without displaying a valid accessible parking permit

Commercial vehicle loading zone

Not displaying a valid commercial vehicle permit from Cairns Regional Council

Continuous parking

Vehicle parked longer than the time limit specified

Bus zone

Any vehicle not classified as a bus

Taxi zone

Any vehicle other than a taxi

No parking anytime

Stopping in a no parking zone longer than 2 minutes and driver not present at vehicle

No stopping anytime

  • Parking in a no stopping zone
  • Stopping on a road with a continuous yellow edge line
  • Stopping within 10m of an intersection without traffic lights

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Last updated: 14 May 2018