Blocked drains

Council receives over 500 calls every year from residents requesting assistance with drainage problems.

Drains on local roads are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Annual inspections are done before each wet season to identify and address any flow capacity issues. Unlined tidal drains can only be dredged and cleared of mangroves between April and October due to fish breeding seasons.

Invasive vegetation and illegal dumping can significantly restrict the capacity of drains. Dumping green waste and household rubbish in drains can also increase the risk of flooding to properties. Council removes around 20 to 30 shopping trolleys from the drainage system in Cairns every month.

If you are concerned about flooding after heavy rain and the water is not draining away, or you wish to report illegal dumping in drains, contact Council's Customer Service Centre to report the exact location.

Residents should not risk entering creeks or drains to clear blockages - please contact Council via the methods below.

To report drainage issues

Call Council on 1300 69 22 47 or make an online customer request.

Last updated: 05 January 2018