Drains & waterways

Council invests around $7 million every year on maintaining the region's network of over 260 drains and waterways.

In the central area of Cairns alone, Council maintains:

  • 20,000m of culverts
  • 58,000m of open drains
  • 168,500m of pipes
  • 3800m of waterways
  • 136 pollutant traps

Council commissions the development of Drainage Management Plans to assist with sustainable asset management of drainage infrastructure, recommendations for improving immunity to flood waters and addressing water quality.

For information regarding these plans, contact Council on 1300 69 22 47 or email us.

Blocked drains

Council regularly inspects and cleans drains on local roads. Drains blocked by vegetation and dumped rubbish can cause flooding. More

Maps online
Flood maps and data

Review historical flooding and storm tide surge information. Contact Council for an individual property assessment. Note: these maps are not fit for insurance eligibility determination purposes, nor are they suitable for the purpose of self-assessment as to whether a home on the property is immune to flooding. More

Flood mitigation

Council invests heavily in drainage improvement works to reduce the impact of flooding caused by king tides and heavy rainfall. More

Drainage Management - Barron Falls
Stormwater drainage

Council manages a vast stormwater drainage network of pits, pipes, open channels and natural waterways. More

Last updated: 13 October 2017