Something Wicked

The Young Company Theatre, Adventure Theatre, 169 Bunda Street, Cairns

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While doing time in the dreaded Detention Room Three, five schoolgirls unwittingly unlock a portal to the world of Macbeth. The Witches prophesy great things for the girls, promising them their dearest wishes. When the prophecies come true, the girls are ecstatic - except for Eloise, who suspects that dabbling in the supernatural may have unfortunate consequences. She's right - the prophecies backfire, the local Paranormal Investigation Society descends on the school, and one of the girls, Sara, becomes a Witch herself to escape the real world. Can Eloise and her friends - helped by their humourless teacher, the sleazy principal and a love-struck poet - rescue Sara and close the portal once and for all?

MEET THE CAST Esther Atkins, Sarah Bickford, Sabine Sheridan, Lola Hazelwood, Bea Holloway, Dylan Northcott, Maddi Pinchbeck, Joa Son, Darcy Brooker, Alex Swanston, Harry Witherall, Sophia Doyle, Jessica Sheldrake, Taylor Crawford, Kaleb Nelson

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Price Guide
Fri 22 Mar - Sat 23 Mar
Venue Opens
Doors open
Show time
2hrs approx
G - General
Snack food available
Soft Bar
Companion Card
Ticket collection
From the Ticketlink office during business hours or from the venue 30 min prior to performance time.
Seating Plan
Seating Plan

A ticket must be purchased for all children 12 months and over.
Type Price
Unreserved SeatingOne Price$17.95
Type Price
Unreserved SeatingOne Price$17.95
Ticket price includes a booking fee of 5% of ticket price capped at $2 per ticket.
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