A Wrinkle in Time

The Young Company Theatre, Adventure Theatre, 169 Bunda Street, Cairns

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One of literature's most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, is back--braces, stubbornness and all. Once again, she's joining forces with Mrs. Whatsit, Charles Wallace, Calvin O'Keefe and more to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know two things for sure: 1. Love CAN overcome evil and 2. There IS such a thing as a tesseract.

“A coming-of-age story of a nerdish, lonely teen-age girl, Meg Murray recruited into a galaxy-spanning quest”

If anybody invited you to go to a newly discovered galaxy, would you go? I would. It’s a wonderful way to meet new and exciting people. —Madeleine L’Engle, 1997

MEET THE CAST Nikayla Barrientos Dayag, Grace Morgan, Angus Myers, Ava Bradley, Luis Holloway, Georgia McCarthy, Geordie Wood, Ruby Morton, Bobbie Foord, Jamie Edkins, Sam Bryceson, Charlotte Bertei

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Price Guide
Fri 6 Sep - Sat 7 Sep
Venue Opens
Doors open
Show time
2hrs approx
G - General
Snack food available
Soft Bar
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Ticket collection
From the Ticketlink office during business hours or from the venue 30 min prior to performance time.
Seating Plan
Seating Plan

A ticket must be purchased for all children 12 months and over.
Type Price
Unreserved SeatingOne Price$17.95
Type Price
Unreserved SeatingOne Price$17.95
Ticket price includes a booking fee of 5% of ticket price capped at $2 per ticket.
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