Goldsborough Road 1 Park

Location: Goldsborough Valley Road Goldsborough Valley

Goldsborough Road 1 Park, Goldsborough, Cairns
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Goldsborough Road 1 Park is categorised as Linear Open Space.

Linear Parks are low use public open space areas with primary uses for stormwater management, buffering or linkage.  Recreation or active transport are secondary uses.

History behind the name

Gold was found here in 1879 by W Diecke on what came to be known as the Mulgrave Field. The town was laid out by Warden Mowbray who named it Fanning after Major PB Fanning, Police Magistrate at Port Douglas, 1884-1886. It was officially called Fanning Town but known locally as Lower Camp to distinguish it from Top Camp where the Orient Mine was located. However Warden Morgan, the Land Ranger then stationed at Port Douglas, officially changed the name to Goldsborough around 1880, presumably because it was a gold field. It was known by Aborigines as Bulmba Gurabal, meaning White Apple Place.

Last updated: 28 August 2017