Billy Jagar Environmental Reserve

Location: 65-73 Oleander Street Holloways Beach

Billy Jagar Environmental Reserve, Holloways Beach, Cairns
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Billy Jagar Environmental Reserve is categorised as a Bushland/Conservation area.

Bushland/Conservation areas are generally un-embellished and are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.  This means they are not accessible for normal recreation purposes, but more for protection of biodiversity and natural habitat.

History behind the name

Billy Jagar was the Irukandji leader and traditional owner of the Trinity Bay area and known to many as 'King of Barron'. Billy Jagar (1870 - 1930) was given two King plates to recognise his leadership. The first one was presented to him by the Queensland government in 1989 and proclaimed him the 'King of the Barron". The second plate was presented by the Protector of Aborigines on Empire Day, 24 May 1906.  Jagar died in a fringe camp in Cairns in 1930 and the King plates disappeared. During WW11 the 1898 plate was acquired by US Staff-Sergeant Douglas Campbell while he was stationed in Fiji. Campbell took it home to North Dakota and hung it on the wall in his living room. Campbell's daughters, Margaret and Laura, were curious about the origins of the plate and on Reconciliation Day, May 2005 they returned it to Cairns. The plate was presented to Jagar's great grand-daughter, Jeanette Singleton. In 2007 a headstone for Jagar was placed at Martyn Street Cemetery.

Last updated: 14 February 2017