Betty Gibson Park

Location: 2 Opal Reef Court Clifton Beach

Betty Gibson Park, Clifton Beach, Cairns
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Betty Gibson Park is categorised as Linear Open Space.

Linear Parks are low use public open space areas with primary uses for stormwater management, buffering or linkage.  Recreation or active transport are secondary uses.

History behind the name

The Gibson family established one of the first fruit farms in the area.  Betty Gibson was considered one of our finest horticulturalists. Mrs Gibson was a major influence in the trialling of new mango varieties on the property and many continue to exist today. Rather than move to producing sugar, as many did when the canery closed, Mrs Gibson shifted the farms efforts to other fruit; such as paw paw and gladioli blooms. She pioneered the use of spent hops from the Cairns Brewery of the time and bred bees, producing honey, for many years.

Last updated: 13 January 2017