Edor is a version of a chasing-tagging game which originates in the Aurukun Aboriginal community. Edor has been played by all ages for centuries and is a lot of fun.

The names edor, idor, ida or the running game have all been used to refer to this game. Edor is best played by large groups but can be fun for small groups as well. Set up the area with goal lines at each end.

Yirrganydji name: Dubay
Pronunciation: Doob-ay
Meaning of Yirrganydji name: To chase

Select your team and the direction your team will run. All players assemble in the middle and choose an edor. The edor must try to get to their goal line without being tagged. If a defender tags the edor they then become the edor and must try to reach their goal.

The play change directions many times in a game. Once a goal is scored all players come back to the middle and start again.

Last updated: 02 May 2018