Tropical building design

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Cool Homes: smart design for the tropics

Designing for the tropics is essential in our climate. If your home is not designed correctly, you run the risk of having a hot home that is expensive to keep cool, particularly over the long, hot and humid summer.

Cool Homes Guide

Showcasing environmentally sustainable design, crucial for emerging builders and architects in the region, whilst aligning with the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability. The guide can also assist students studying Graphic and those entering the Business Liaison Association’s Industrial Technology and Design (INTAD) Awards to design a tropical home. Contact the Cairns Regional Council Sustainability team to request a hard copy.

The Cool Homes Plan Analysis Tool

Essential for anyone building, buying or renovating in the tropics.  You can use this transparent overlay to assess the sustainability of your house plans. Print the overlay on tracing paper, or contact the Cairns Regional Council Sustainability team and request a transparent hard copy.

Cairns Style Guide

The Cairns Style Guide showcases the distinct and unique character of the region's built environment. It encourages the development industry to provide streetscapes, housing and building designs that retain and enhance this character and respond to our tropical environment, climate, local character, and community needs.

Cairns Style is a broad concept ranging from the overall pattern and rhythm of streets to the detail of window awnings and balustrades. Retaining and enhancing the distinct tropical style and character of Cairns will improve the region's aesthetics, amenity, and livability.

Last updated: 03 November 2017