Council timeline

The first local government of Cairns, the Cairns Divisional Board, was established in 1879. Since then there have been amalgamations and deamalgamations. Below is a short history of the Cairns Regional Council.

1879: Cairns Divisional Board formed

1885: Cairns Divisional Board divided into Divisional Board and Cairns Municipal Council

Cairns Divisional Board

1902: Cairns Divisional Board becomes Cairns Shire Council

1940: Cairns Shire Council becomes Mulgrave Shire Council

1995:  Mulgrave Shire Council merges with Cairns City Council

Cairns Municipal Council

1923: Cairns Municipal Council becomes Cairns City Council

Cairns Regional Council

2008: formed from the amalgamation of Cairns City Council and Douglas Shire Council

2014: Douglas Shire reforms after deamalgamation with Cairns Regional Council

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Last updated: 15 February 2016