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Zhanjiang is one of 15 cities in the southern province economic zone of mainland China, and is close to Hong Kong situated in the delta of the Pearl River system. Zhanjiang is the major southern port and is west of the region's capital, Guangzhou (Canton) in Guangdong region. The peninsula city is the focus of a large mining and mineral exploration region as well as the port gateway to some of the largest agricultural producing areas in Southern China. China has 34 regions of which the Guangdong covers a staggering 180,000 square kilometres.

Zhanjiang enjoys rich oceanic resources and abundant petrol oil reserve. It has achieved robust economic development. Petrochemical industry, offshore oil exploration, processing of agricultural and marine products, electricity, paper making, feedstuff, textile, electric appliances and machinery have become its 8 pillar industries. It is the production base for Southern Petroleum Co. Ltd., agricultural and marine product processing, high-quality paper making and small household appliances manufacturing.

Zhanjiang is one of the four major sugarcane yielding centres in China, with its sugar output reaching 1.2 million tons in 2006. In addition, Zhanjiang grows amount of eucalypt, sisal and mangrove in China. Twenty-one manufacturing bases for 5 categories of agricultural products have been built here.

Important links have been established focussing on reciprocal visits and exchanges in education, technical engineering, arts and culture. The 37-hectare Sino Australia Friendship Garden in Zhanjiang opened in 2007 and features many species of exotic flora native to Cairns and the Tropical North.


Zhanjiang lies in the southwest of Guangdong Province. It is situated in Leizhou Peninsula, neighbouring the South Sea in the east and Beibu Gulf in the west. The city is separated from Hainan Province by Qiongzhou Strait. Most of the land of Zhanjiang City is peninsula or islands. The terrain slopes downward from the north to the south. A plain forms the major area of the city. Its mountainous area is in the northern part of the city.


The population of Zhanjiang is approximately 7 million (2010).


The average winter temperatures range between 8 and 17 degrees with summer temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees.

Local time

The local time of Zhanjiang is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +8 which is two hours behind Cairns.

Sister City agreement

The agreement with Zhanjiang was signed on 25 August 2004.

The proclamation reads

'In accordance with the Principles governing the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Australia and the People's Republic of China, Cairns City and Zhanjiang City, referred to as the two parties, hereby agree, after friendly discussions, to establish Sister City Relationship, in an effect to increase understanding and friendship and strengthen friendly cooperation:

  • According to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the two parties shall carry out a wide range of exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, tourism, education, culture, environment and urban planning, etc. in order to promote common prosperity and development.
  • The leadership and relevant departments of the two parties shall keep regular contact so as to carry out consultation on programs of exchanges and cooperation as well as issues of mutual concern.'
  • Signed on August 25, 2004 in Zhanjiang City, this Agreement is effective upon the date of signature.

Sister City activities for Cairns-Zhanjiang

  • 2017 - Deputy Mayor Terry James leads an economic development delegation, including representatives from Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Study Cairns, to Zhanjiang in December.
  • 2016 - Cairns Sister Cities Ambassador Sim Hayward visits Zhanjiang in November.
  • 2016   Soccer and culture exchange between Wuchuan No.2 Middle School and Trinity Anglican School
  • 2015   James Cook University Cairns Campus signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang, during a delegation visit to Cairns in November.
  • 2015   Opening of Zhanjiang Friendship Garden at Freshwater Lakes in the Cairns Botanic Garden precinct on 21 November
  • 2015   Sports Exchange Program takes place between Zhanjiang/ Wuchuan and Cairns in August
  • 2015   An MOU was signed between Trinity Anglican School and Wuchuan No 2 Middle School for future exchanges
  • 2015   An MOU was also signed between Edge Hill State School and Zhanjiang No 8 Primary School
  • 2014   Two students from Zhanjiang travel to Cairns as part of Youth Ambassadors Program.
  • 2013   CADCAI's lion team and Molihua Chinese dancers visit Zhanjiang with Chair of Cairns Sister Cities, Ms Sim Hayward
  • 2013   Cairns Chamber of Commerce business delegation visits
  • 2013   Mayor Bob Manning leads delegation to Zhanjiang and signs Statement of Intent with Mayor Wang
  • 2013   Principal of Shaolin School, Master Huang Zhiwu, and Secretary General of Zhanjiang People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mr Chen Guimin, attended Cairns Sister Cities National Day celebrations on 5 July
  • 2011   Youth Ambassadors attend program in Cairns
  • 2010   Cairns participates in Zhanjiang photographic exhibition
  • 2009   Mayor Ruan, Zhanjiang City visit to Cairns
  • 2009   Zhanjiang a participated in the Cairns "Face of a Sister City" photographic exhibition Face of a Sister City Photo Exhibition - Zhanjiang
  • 2008   Zhanjiang participated in the Cairns "Earth Links" Sister Cities ceramics exhibition
  • 2007   Cairns and District Chinese Association Incattend Zhanjiang 2007 Winter Camp.
  • 2006   Zhanjiang delegation visit to Cairns
  • 2005   Mr George Wah Day, Vice President of the Cairns and District Chinese Association and delegation visit Zhanjiang
  • 2005   Zhanjiang Lion Lion Dance Troupe visit Cairns
  • 2005   Zhanjiang junior school visit to Cairns as guest of Trinity Anglican School
  • 2005   Zhanjiang delegation visit to Cairns City Council
  • 2004   Deputy Mayor Councillor Margaret Gill and CEO David Farmer visit to Zhanjiang
  • 2004   Mayor Kevin Byrne visit to Zhanjiang to sign Sister City agreement
  • 2004   Mayor  Xu Shaohua, Mayor of Zhanjiang visit to Cairns
  • 2003   Zhanjiang delegation visit to Cairns City Council
  • 2003   Mayor Kevin Byrne visit to Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang Friendship Garden

Mayor Bob Manning officially opens the Zhanjiang Chinese Friendship Garden on 21 November with Mr Huang Guang, the Vice Secretary General of Zhanjiang Municipal People’s GovernmentThe Zhanjiang Friendship Garden was officially opened on 21 November 2015, celebrating the Sister Cities relationship between Cairns and Zhanjiang.

Mayor Bob Manning officially opened the Zhanjiang Chinese Friendship Garden with Mr Huang Guang, the Vice Secretary General of Zhanjiang Municipal People’s Government.

The Zhanjiang Friendship Garden is situated on the banks of Freshwater Lake, within the Centenary Lakes precinct at Edge Hill.

It incorporates traditional features in a contemporary style. The entry pillars announce “arrival” and are adorned with graphic motifs of traditional cloud patters of Zhanjiang. Boulders of Chillagoe marble acknowledge the importance of rocks and mountains in Chinese garden culture.

A Moon Gate is inscribed with the words “Friendship Garden” and carved granite dogs at the entrance to the Pavilion are representative of the ancient dog sculptures unique to Zhanjiang.

Last updated: 26 June 2020