Sister cities

The Sister Cities program aims to develop meaningful and long term links with cities and communities in other countries to achieve a greater level of international understanding and goodwill between peoples, and to share economic, community, cultural and social interaction.

General information about the Sister Cities overall program is available at the Sister Cities Australia website.

Position vacant: Assistant Language Teacher and Coordinator of International Relations

Would you like to live and work in Japan?

The Oyama City Board of Education and the Oyama City International Affairs are seeking a person from its Sister City of Cairns for a combined position of Assistant Language Teacher (four days a week) and Coordinator of International Relations (one day a week).  The contract starts in August 2019.

For information go to

Direct applications via email to Ms Tanabe at email:   Applications close on Tuesday 28 May 2019.

Sister Cities Ambassadorship Mayor Bob Manning and Ms Sim Hayward, Chair of Cairns Regional Council’s Sister Cities Advisory Committee holding the Community Involvement Award, won at the 2015 Sister Cities Australia Conference.

Mrs Sim Hayward, previous chair and longstanding member of Council's former Sister Cities Advisory Committee, was appointed as Cairns' Sister Cities Ambassador at the August 2016 Council meeting. The Ambassadorship was adopted following the completion of the Sister Cities Advisory Committee's term in March 2016.

This position champions the interests of Cairns from an economic, educational, tourism and community perspective.

Sister Cities activities

Delegations to Cairns

Cairns Regional Council welcomes delegates from around the world who wish to explore our region and the vast array of opportunities it presents.

Individuals or groups seeking to visit Cairns for purposes relating to Sister City relationships, trade and investment, or technical knowledge sharing should complete and submit our online application form at least one (1) month prior to visiting the region. A Council representative will contact you to discuss your visit.

Cairns Says Hello video

As an initiative of the Cairns Sister Cities Advisory Committee, a short film (8 minutes) was created to send to all of our seven Sister Cities that depicts our lifestyle, environment, culture and people, all of them saying "Hello". The Cairns Says Hello film was given Special Recognition at the 2014 Sister Cities Australia Conference Awards ceremony. Read more about it or watch the video on YouTube.

Our Sister Cities

Cairns has sister city relationships with seven cities:

Minami - Japan
Minami, Japan (formerly Hiwasa) - since 1969

Hiwasa became Cairns' first sister city in 1969. In 2006, Hiwasa and neighbouring town Yuki merged and were renamed Minami. The relationship was sparked by the Mayor of Hiwasa's interest in the Loggerhead turtle and the decision by Cairns to send an example for display at the Hiwasa museum. Minami has approximately 10,000 residents and is located on the island of Shikoku in the south east of the Japanese archipeligo. More

Lae - New Guinea
Lae, Papua New Guinea - since 1984

The second largest city in Papua New Guinea, Lae shares a similar history to Cairns, being founded on gold mining and then agriculture. Located on the central east coast, the city is home to Papua New Guinea's largest port and acts as the entry point to road travel into the central highlands. It is considered the industrial capital of the country. Lae has a population of approximately 100,000. More

Sidney - Canada
Sidney, Canada - since 1984

Like Cairns, Sidney is a year-round tourist destination with an extensive waterfront and artificial reef. Associated industries include fishing, ocean science and marina operation. It is located on the northern end of Vancouver Island, at the extreme south west of Canada and has a population of approximately 11,500 residents. More

Rock climbing on Camelback, Scottsdale
Scottsdale, USA - since 1987

Cairns Regional Council's Sister Cities agreement with Scottsdale (Arizona, USA) was signed on 6 July 1987. More

Riga city skyline
Riga, Latvia - since 1988

The mayors of Riga and Cairns forged their sister city relationship at the International Sister Cities Convention hosted by Cairns in 1988. The capital and largest city in Latvia, with approximately 645,000 inhabitants, Riga was founded in 1201 and is a former Hanseatic League member. This history is recognised in UNESCO World Heritage status for its city centre. Riga lies on the central western coast of Latvia and provides an important port on the Baltic Sea. More

Oyama park - Japan
Oyama, Japan - since 2006

Surrounded by centuries-old rice fields and industrial mega-factories for some of Japan's biggest companies, Oyama is well known for its mix of traditional and contemporary lifestyles. Located in the central region of Honshu Island, the largest of the Japanese island chain, the city has a population of approximately 164,000 people. More

Zhanjiang sea promenade
Zhanjiang, China - since 2004

Cairns Regional Council's Sister Cities agreement with Zhanjiang (China) was signed on 25 August 2004. More

Last updated: 16 June 2020