Your city, your app - My Cairns!

My Cairns makes life easier for residents and visitors to go about their day-to-day lives.

With My Cairns you get information you need, right in your hand.

  • More than 100 events presented in a rolling calendar
  • Hundreds of things to do, from dog parks and beaches, to walking tracks and playgrounds
  • Reminders for bin night, events, water restrictions and jobs
  • Opt in for alerts on road and beach closures and severe weather warnings
  • Snap and report a problem easily

Available for Android (Google Play) and Apple (App Store) devices.

The My Cairns app has been designed to report non-urgent issues. To report urgent issues, please phone us on 1300 69 22 47 or for life-threatening emergencies, please contact 000.

Need help?

If you experience trouble with the My Cairns app, check out tips below, email us at or send us feedback via the app.

Bin night notifications

To receive bin night notifications you need to:

  1. Set your home or business address
  2. Opt-in to receive bin night reminders

You would have been prompted to set up your address when you first downloaded the app.

You can set your address at any time by clicking 'Add my address' at the bottom right of the home screen.

To opt-in to receive bin night reminders, choose 'notifications' from the side menu (swipe right).

Toggles that are teal are on, toggles that are white are off.


Check your notifications: the My Cairns app needs your permission to send you notifications. Find the app on your device and ensure 'notifications' is turned on.

Units and apartments: multiple-unit dwellings (MUDs) generally have a bulk rubbish pick-up and therefore are not included in bin night reminders. If you live in a unit or apartment and have your own rubbish bin and want to receive bin night reminders, change your address to a freestanding home on your street. For example, rather than 1/27 Smith Street, choose 2 Smith Street. My Cairns only needs your address for bin night reminders so changing your address won't impact any other functionality.

Set home address

The My Cairns app verifies addresses via our rates database.  Addresses need to be entered in this order:

  • Street number
  • Street name
  • Suburb

The app does not recognise apartment or housing development names, for instance Cairns Apartments or Tropic Rise. You will need to enter the actual street address.

Use 'report a problem'

To 'report a problem' you must complete all 5 fields:

  • Comments - a description of the problem
  • Category - select from the list
  • Name: your details
  • Email: a valid email address

And then tap the 'submit' button at the top right of the screen.

If these fields are not completed, or incorrectly completed, you won't be able to submit your problem. Fields that aren't completed correctly will turn red and the 'submit' button at the top right of the screen will be greyed out (inactive).


Selecting location: My Cairns allows you to select your current location. Tap the map and then tap the 'location' icon at the bottom right of the screen. This will centre the map to your current location. If the location is correct, tap 'use this location'. If the location is incorrect tap on the new location. At any time you can manually enter the address by tapping the search icon at the top right of the screen.

Location settings: To use the 'select location' option you must have 'location' turned on in your phone settings.

Taking photos: To use your camera to take a photo or to use photos stored on your device, you will need to allow My Cairns to use your camera/photos. Navigate to the My Cairns settings to set your camera permissions.

Event notifications

You can opt in to receive notifications for events that you are interested in. Notifications are issued:

  • 24 hours before the event
  • 1 hour before the event

You cannot change the frequency of event notifications.

When you turn on notifications for an event a 'notification' icon (bell) will appear next to the event in the events listing screen and on the events detail screen.


Check your device notifications: The My Cairns app needs your permission to send you notifications. Find the app on your device and ensure 'notifications' is turned on.

My Cairns notifications: The My Cairns notifications screen 'I want these notifications' does not include event notifications. These can only be set on the specific event.

Last updated: 08 January 2021