Be ready for cyclone
Multi-lingual cyclone guides

Multi lingual cyclone guides in English, Arabic, Chinese, French,Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Nepalese, PNG Pidgin, Swahili and Tagalog More

Storm tide property search

Search your address to find out if your property is in one of the three evacuation zones (Red, Orange or Yellow). These zones may be at risk of storm tide surge flooding associated with a cyclone. More

Household emergency kit

Prepare the following items and keep them in a sturdy, easily transported bag or box to be available in the event of an emergency situation. More

Education resources

Education resources, including classroom activities, experiments, lesson plans and background information on the natural hazards that can impact the Cairns region. More

Cairns Disaster Dashboard

The Cairns Disaster Dashboard collates crucial information from Council, emergency services, utilities such as Ergon and Telstra, road status updates, and traffic and flood cams to provide a single point of reference during a disaster. More

Cairns Alert

Register for disaster and emergency alerts via email or text message (SMS) More

Household Emergency Plan

Create a Household Emergency Plan to ensure everyone in your household knows what to do if a natural disaster occurs. More

Cairns Resilient Businesses Network

Join the Cairns Resilient Business network and be prepared for any disaster. More


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Accommodation providers guide to natural hazards (3.6 MB)
A guide to help accommodation providers be prepared for natural hazards that may affect the Cairns region

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All hazards guide.pdf (4.1 MB)
Find out how to be prepared for the natural hazards that could impact Cairns: cyclones, flooding, storm surge, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfire and landslips.

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Babinda all hazards disaster action plan (106.8 KB)
A disaster action plan for the Babinda community

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Emergency kit checklist (146.7 KB)
A checklist of items you should have at home in case of an emergency

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Household Emergency Plan (1.6 MB)
Household Emergency Plan template

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Local Disaster Management Plan (5.7 MB)
Council has a disaster management plan which embraces mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery strategies.

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Preparing for Cyclones (6.1 MB)
Plan, pack and listen. Information for residents and visitors including emergency contacts, emergency check list, evacuation advice and planning for cyclones.

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Public Storm Tide Cyclone Shelters (1.3 MB)
Public Storm Tide Cyclone Shelters brochure

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SES Contact List (217.0 KB)
SES contact details throughout the region.

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Tsunami evac map 1 (6.7 MB)
Cairns Tsunami evacuation map 1, covering the Cairns CBD from the Barron River to Trinity Inlet.

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Tsunami evac map 2 (6.7 MB)
Cairns tsunami evacuation map for the northern beaches, Machans Beach to Ellis Beach.

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Tsunami evac map 4 (6.7 MB)
Cairns tsunami evacuation map for southern section, Trinity Inlet to Bramston Beach.

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Tsunami Evacuation Guide (6.8 MB)
Information and maps for the Cairns area on what to do if a tsunami alert is issued.

Be ready, Cairns

Read or download our brochure explaining the natural hazards that could affect our region and what to do to be best prepared.

Last updated: 16 June 2020