Solid preparation is the best way to weather any natural disaster. While cyclones receive the most publicity, Cairns can also experience fire, tsunami, flooding, earthquake and landslip.

It is important to know what you will do in each scenario:

  • Know your risk
  • Decide in advance if you will evacuate or shelter in place
  • Know your evacuation route
  • Have an emergency kit
  • Take steps to limit damage to your property

These pages contain information on what you can do to prepare your household and your property.

For information on planning for specific natural disaster situations follow the links below: 

Planning with children

Including your children in emergency planning not only helps to address their fears but makes sure everyone in your family knows what to do. More

Planning with pets

Pets and other animals you own are your responsibility in a disaster - you need to include them in your household (or business) emergency plan and take them with you if going to family, friends or colleagues. More

Cyclone evacuation

Guidelines on when and how to evacuate in the event of a cyclone in the Cairns region More

Storm surge evacuation routes

It's important to know if you are in a storm surge inundation zone and have an evacuation plan. More

Public storm tide shelters

Emergency shelters in Cairns are opened on a needs basis. Always wait for advice from the Cairns Disaster Coordination Centre before travelling to a centre. More

Vulnerable residents

Cairns residents who are frail, aged and/or have a disability may be able to register with the Council's Evacuation and
Recovery Register for assistance before a cyclone. More

Evacuation, flooding

Flooding can happen at any time of the year. Plan ahead by researching the flood history of your property and have an evacuation plan in place. More

Last updated: 20 August 2015