Living With Water

Learning from experience

In this region we live with water - everywhere. Whether it's the rainforest, a stream of river, tidal inlet or the ocean, this is the wet tropics.

During days of heavy rain, dry creek beds can quickly become torrents. Rivers may swell and rise rapidly, causing flash flooding. Plants and trees drop steadily, releasing further water. When it all coincides in one area of with a high tide, Cairns can become a very wet place indeed.

We love Cairns for this damp, tropical climate and we need fresh water to live. But sometimes there's just too much of it.

Living With Water is a project telling stories about what happened and what we did at times when Bana Bidagarra, the Barron River, flooded. It explore the river's history and the experiences of people affected by the flooding. Through this legacy of experiences we are learning how to manage better during future floods, as well as celebrate a staunch community spirit.

The Living With Water ebook captures the history brings personal stories, timeline of flooding, historic images and newspaper clippings together.

You can download or view the ebook below.

We are also adding videos where people affected by flooding tell their stories and recount what they have learned from that experience.

Simon Mills, the former owner of the Lake Placid Restaurant, talks about his experience in cyclones Monica and Larry.

Caravonica Primary School was literally blown away by Cyclone Willis in 1927. Principal Elaine Elms talks about how the school and its students are prepared for flooding.

Yorkey's Knob residents talk about their experiences of flooding.

Last updated: 05 February 2016