Flood Cam

Council is using CCTV footage to provide an accurate picture of the flood status at Peets Bridge in the Goldsborough Valley. This bridge is the only access for people living in the area and it is therefore crucial that residents can inform themselves on their ability to evacuate.

You can view the bridge from different angles below. During normal conditions the images are updated every 15 minutes and more frequently during potential flooding.

The "flood cam" is part of the Flooded Roads Early Warning System (FREWS) project which Council hopes to expand to other flood-prone infrastructure across the Cairns region.

FREWS involved the installation of flood monitoring equipment to provide up-to-date hydrology data and imagery on flood levels. The data will also be used by Council's Disaster Management Unit and the Local Disaster Management Unit to make informed decisions during an emergency or pending emergency.

The project is jointly funded by Cairns Regional Council and The Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience.

Peets Bridge and Gillies Highway, Goldsborough Valley


Ryan Weare Park


Last updated: 13 March 2018