Vulnerable residents

Residents and visitors are responsible for their own evacuation. The best situation is always to plan to stay with friends and relatives out of affected  areas.

Residents who are frail, aged and/or have a disability may be able to register with the Council's Evacuation and Recovery Register by contacting the Disaster Management Unit on 4044 3044.

Criteria for being placed on the list include: 

  • Living alone and
  • Have no friends or relatives in the local area and
  • Do not have transport and
  • Able to administer your own medication (if required) and
  • Not receiving significant assistance or support from a funded service provider.

If evacuation is required, those on the register may be helped to evacuate and taken to a designated location – this will most likely be a public shelter or place of refuge. .

Unless you have been advised to evacuate, always stay inside and keep calm. Shelter in the strongest part of your home away from windows (often the toilet, bathroom or hallway) and use mattresses and blankets for protection. Make sure your emergency kit is with you. 

If you know you are likely to need help preparing, contact emergency services early.

Last updated: 06 February 2015