Storm Tide Evacuation guides

This mapping product should not be used for development assessment and/or insurance eligibility determination. The Storm Tide Evacuation Mapping is different to Council's flood hazard assessment which identifies risks associated with flooding due to a prolonged rainfall event, which could be in conjunction with a storm tide. The flood hazard assessment is incorporated into Council's local planning scheme, the 'Cairns Plan', to ensure development within the region has immunity to a defined flood event. For residents who wonder why they are in a storm tide high risk zone, but can't recall any flooding in their neighbourhood, the guide explains the difference between flooding and storm tide.

Council's storm tide evacuation maps are based on modelling using geographic data and may not be an exact representation of what may happen if inundation  from a storm tide surge occurs.

View the Storm Tide Evacuation Guide as an e-Book below or download the PDF version. 

More information on storm surge inundation and how to read the maps

Last updated: 06 February 2015