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Email Reminder Service

Register with Library Elf to track your library account. Using Library Elf, an Internet-based tool from an independently run company, you can receive email and/or RSS feeds when your items are due for return and requested titles that are ready for pick-up. You can even track all family library cards by email on the one account!

How do I get reminders from Library Elf?

Because Library Elf comes from a third party you will need to visit their site to create your account. We recommend that you read Library Elf's Privacy Policy and Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs).

You will need to provide your Cairns Libraries card number (the number under the barcode on the back of your card) along with your account PIN which is your Date of Birth, in one of the following formats:

  • With backslashes e.g. 01\01\2001
  • With forward slashes e.g. 01/01/2001
  • Without slashes e.g. 01012001

Once you are signed up for an account, you can choose to receive email reminders and/or RSS feeds for all of the cards you attach to your account. Email reminders are sent in HTML format only.

Please note that you are still responsible for any overdue items even if you do not receive a reminder via Library Elf. If you change your email details, library pin or receive a new card you will need to remember to update your 'elf' account.

Can I renew my items using Library Elf?

Yes. Customers can setup their account to automatically renew items usng the "Auto Renew" feature in Library Elf.

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