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  • Ask a Librarian
    Contact us with a question, comment, compliment or opportunity for improvement

  • Become a Volunteer
    Join our group of lively and generous residents who are keen to enhance the lifestyle of the community by supporting and developing the services and facilities of our libraries.

  • Book a computer
    There are public access computers available at all of our branches.

  • Book a Meeting Room
    Meeting rooms are available for hire at three of our branches: City, Manunda and Stratford.

  • Borrow, Reserve & Renew Items
    Members can borrow a maximum of 30 items for up to 3 weeks. Members can renew items twice.

  • Copy & Print
    Copying and printing services are available at all of our branches.

  • Download eAudiobooks and eBooks
    Enjoy the highest quality eAudiobooks and eBooks. Login and browse.

  • Find a Library
    Our libraries consist of eight main branches between Babinda in the south and Smithfield in the north.

  • Join the Library
    Your library card is your gateway to millions of resources – not just items on the shelves but also those online.

  • Login to my account
    Login to your account online to begin searching the catalogue.

  • Pay fees
    Library fees can be paid at any branch. Payment via EFTPOS is available.

  • Search the Catalogue
    Search our catalogue of over 212,000 Books, Magazines, DVD's, Music CD's and Audiobooks.

  • Subscribe to Library Elf
    Register with Library Elf and track your library account.

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  • Update my details/get a new card
    Recently moved, changed your name or phone number? Then you’ll need to update your library account details with us. Contact us at any of our branches.