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Seed Library

The seed library is a collection of seeds available for library members to 'borrow' to plant and grow in their home or community gardens, with the intention of allowing some of the plants to go to seed. Those seeds are then 'returned' to the Seed Library, contributing to the seed library for the next customer to borrow.

We encourage you to save seeds from the plants you grow and donate them to Cairns Libraries.  When you donate to our Seed Library, you are helping other members of the community experience the joy of growing their own plants and food at home, and create a collection of seeds suitable for local conditions.  And don't worry if your seeds don't grow - you are welcome to take another packet and try again!

Locations and collection

The Seed Library collection is available at Gordonvale, Manunda, Smithfield and Stratford branches.

The seed collection includes Basil, Beans, Capsicum, Cucumber, Parsley, Pea, Rocket, Spinach, Sunflower and Tomato.

Saving & storing seeds
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Last updated: 02 Mar 2020