Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions to assist you with your understanding of Go Clubs.

Accreditation Program

Q)  Does Go Clubs need more work from volunteers in community clubs?

A)  Not at all. In fact, the accreditation program is designed to make your job as a volunteer easier. The program will provide support and resources to assist in the growth and sustainability of your community club, while at the same time allowing Council to take on a more active role in supporting you in terms of compliance with Office of Fair Trading (OFT) regulations and the development of strategies in line with your community club’s vision for the future.

Q)   What does the accreditation program involve?

A)  The accreditation program supports the ongoing development of community clubs through a four-level accreditation framework, guiding you through bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. As your community club grows, becomes more successful, and progresses through the accreditation levels, the incentivised Go Clubs program will continue to provide more time and effort saving resources and support.

Q)  How much work is involved?

A)  The program is designed to be easy for volunteers and easy on community clubs. The work required to reach each of the accreditation levels is work that will help you enjoy your role as a volunteer more, and contribute directly to the success and sustainability of your organisation in the long term. The Go Clubs program will allow you to better direct your volunteer efforts, streamline your processes and make the best use of your time and the resources available to you.

Q)  What will my community club get out of this program?

A)  There are some fantastic rewards as you progress through the four levels of accreditation. Check out the benefits matrix to find out more about the specific benefits associated with each level of accreditation.

Support Program

Q)  I am looking to start a new club. What do I need to do and what tools are available to help me?

A)  Starting a club can be done in six steps. These six steps can be found in starting a new club in the Go Clubs Toolbox.

Q)  I want to find more information about grants. Where can I go?

A)  The Go Clubs Facebook page lists grants as they become available and the fundraising and grants section in the Go Clubs Toolbox provides tips and resources to assist with fundraising activities and grant applications. As your club progresses through the accreditation levels, Go Clubs will provide increased access to grant funding opportunities, support and resources. However, grants and fundraising should not be the primary income source for your club. More information about club financial management can be found in the Go Clubs Toolbox.

Q)  I have just been appointed treasurer of our club and am not sure what that entails. Can Go Clubs help me?

A)  Absolutely! The treasurer is a community club’s chief financial officer, who is responsible for day-to-day income and expenditure and financial record keeping, planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting. More information about club financial management can be found in the Go Clubs Toolbox. Community clubs with gold accreditation also have access to sample position descriptions for committee members. These position descriptions outline the duties and desired skills for each position.

Q)  Our club needs to look at strategies for the future. Can Go Clubs help me?

A)  All community clubs should use strategic planning as a basis for guiding their operations. As you move through the Go Clubs levels of accreditation, more detailed planning resources are provided. Clubs with silver accreditation have access to a worksheet to help develop a club vision. Gold level clubs have access to a simple model development plan template and platinum clubs to a more detailed model development plan with support from trained personnel to complete the plan.

Communication Program

Q)  How can I receive the Go Clubs newsletter?

A)  A newsletter as such is not available but all news is published on the Go Clubs Facebook page.

Young Volunteers Program

Q)  I would like to do some volunteer work with a local organisation. Can Go Clubs help me?

A)  Yes! The Go Clubs Young Volunteer Program links potential volunteers with appropriate community clubs to provide a benefit to both the volunteer and the organisation.